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About ESU

Economic Spectrum Unlimited (ESU) has worked with over 200 businesses and organizations since its inception in 1992. The company has received high praise for work in strategic planning, marketing, business coaching and training and for its work with business owners and employees in the Human Resource Development side of their business.

ESU carries out vocational rehabilitation and has developed and delivered more than 500 workshops for unemployed workers. ESU has prepared and delivered some 100 workshops on a variety of business topics such as marketing, building supportive networks, strategy planning and HR needs. The company has successfully completed many project evaluations for organizations and has extensive experience and success in facilitating discussion, focus group and strategic alliance sessions. ESU researches and prepares business and strategic plans for businesses and organizations. ESU has developed and facilitated learning for business owners on a variety of Business Management topics.


Thorough, thoughtful, innovative,
effective and quality work... are but a few mottos of ESU.

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